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The amazing skill of blending in and standing out.

custom bronze plaque in Seymour, Indiana

Customer-centered. User-oriented.


Waystream conceives, creates and delivers sign solutions for properties of all kinds.


Yes, our pricing is competitive. And yes, our turnaround times are excellent. But our unfair advantage is the way we seamlessly merge into your workflow so projects are hassle-free and fulfill the vision you are creating.


We identify the information needs of the site visitor and nail the execution. This means blending in to the look, feel and design of your property AND standing out to be a bold extension of your brand. It's a challenging set of requirements and that's exactly where we shine.


Hear more about this from our founder, browse samples of our work, or request a conversation today!


feature way.jpg


Eye-catching. On-brand. Informational. Immediate. We'll guide you to guide others!

feature dimensional.jpg


Logos. Icons. Missions. This is how a plain wall makes a big statement.

feature electric.jpg


Own the night with the power of light: Long-lasting LEDs paired with beautiful design.

feature large.jpg


For windows. For doors. For walls. For floors. Every surface can achieve more!

feature panel.jpg


Your brand and message on metal or glass or acrylic or wood or plastic or foam or more!

feature monument.jpg


Street signs with style: Grab the eye and set the tone.

Illuminated blade sign in Carmel, Indiana
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